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HP is an American multinational company that develops and provides a wide selection of hardware and software services and products to SMBs (small and medium-sized companies ) and large enterprises. When buying the HP printer, the consumers need to learn how to put it up. To set up the HP printer, users can get in touch with the HP Contractors or go to 123. Hp.com and follow onscreen instructions.

  1. The users may set up their printer at a wireless system, through a printer system or wired cables. Hp.com

 is a website that HP technicians developed to help people install the HP printer by downloading software and printer drivers. On the 123. Hp.com site, users can find directions on linking their HP printer and using a USB cable. The consumers who wish to set up their HP printer are indicated to go through the complete write-up for incremental processes.
Things to Consider before setting up the HP printer via 123.
Before starting with the HP setup procedure, users have to remember the below factors.

How to setup HP Printer via 123. hp.com
After purchasing the HP printer, users need to learn how to execute its setup procedure. Hence, users have two options either get the technicians of HP for their own installation or follow the steps given in this part. This segment comprises the steps for HP printer installation via 123. hp.com.
Notice: The users are recommended to eliminate the printer material such as tapes and packaging material by the printer and prepare it for the setup process.

Hence, it's effortless to learn and perform the HP printer installation process via 123. hp.com. If users still face problems in the installation procedure, they are advised to get in touch with the HP printer technicians to solve their issues.
How to connect HP Printer to MAC through 123.
This section of the write-up includes the steps to connect MAC personal computer to wireless HP Printer. The users who want to connect their Mac to HP Printer are suggested to experience the directions given below.

 HP printer from the MAC.

This write-up includes info about HP Printers and its installation Procedure via 123. hp.com. In addition to this, it also includes steps to link HP Printer to MAC via 123. hp.com.