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Microsoft Office comprises several productivity tools that facilitate easy office operations. thanks to its feature-loaded tools and applications, Office 365 has become the lifeline of each enterprise within the world. alongside the real-time co-authoring, My Analytics, and Microsoft Sway, it comes with numerous other features and benefits. aside from this, Microsoft is understood for creating user-friendly products and software. Therefore, it offers Office 365 in several subscription plans to satisfy every individual’s work-related requirements. Thus, you'll purchase Office 365 plan consistent with your usage and preferences. After buying the subscription, you've got to activate it via

In this blog, you'll get complete guidance to line up your Office 365 subscription. additionally, to the present, we've also discussed its outstanding features. Moreover, we've also given step-by-step instructions to renew your Office subscription.

Office 365 features and benefits

There is an end number of features that you simply get after activating your Office subscription via during this section of this blog, we've introduced you to the foremost excellent and unique features of Office 365.

Multi-factor authentication

Office 365 suite comes with multi-factor authentication that works as an additional protection layer to the Office login process. Generally, all you would like to try to to to log in to any user account is enter your Email ID or login password. But unlike this traditional unsecured way, Office comes with multi-factor authentication that asks for the biometric just like the retinal scan, fingerprint, or passcode.

Power Automate

The Power Automate feature enables you to automate the workflows across the applications. you'll also use Flow to attach emails and synchronize files between applications and perform various other functions.

Microsoft Planner

After fixing your Office subscription via, you'll use Microsoft Planner to make new plans, organize or assign tasks, share files, etc. additionally to the present, it also enables you to associate documents with specific tasks and edit them together.

To Do

Microsoft To-Do may be a task manager that helps you propose your day-to-day tasks. you'll sync these tasks across Outlook, Planner, etc. It helps you stay focused on your daily tasks.

Real-time Collaboration

Office 365 helps you collaborate together with your teams using Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. alongside this, you'll see the edits and additions in real-time that your colleagues are making to a document.

How to activate an Office subscription via
In this section, we provided the straightforward steps to activate and found out your Office 365 subscription through you want to activate your subscription to access all the superb features of Office 365:-

Note: all users are required to activate the merchandise key that they got with the Office 365 purchase. If you purchased Microsoft 365 online, then you receive the key via email. On the opposite hand, you receive the key through a retail card on offline purchases.

How to renew your Office subscription?
This section explains how you'll renew your Office 365 Family or Microsoft 365 Personal subscription. Therefore, if you would like to renew your subscription, you want to follow these steps:-

Note: the below information will assist you to renew your subscription via employing a product key you purchased from a mercantile establishment.

In this blog, we explained how you'll activate your Office 365 subscription via additionally, to the present, we also discussed the remarkable features that you simply get to access after activating your product key. aside from this, we included the step-wise method to renew your Office 365 subscription.