Slack for Android 2.1.0 Release Notes

Feature Additions

  • Now you can take a photo from within Slack and share it without leaving the app. In fact, now you never have to leave the app again. For anything. Precious.
  • File and image upload messages are now up to 76% more attractive.
  • Image loading performance has also improved.
  • For those on large teams, the speed of initial connection should be markedly better.
  • Support for skin tone emoji where selected emoji set supports it. We’re doing our utmost.
  • We changed a few icon assets, meaning hours of fun, for you, playing spot the difference. (Small print: there are no prizes for spotting the difference. Hours of fun not guaranteed. Consult your doctor before undertaking any strenuous activity).

Bug Fixes

  • We now allow pasting of an email address to invite new team members.
  • Editing a message would occasionally cause reactions on that message to disappear. The mystery of the disappearing reactions has been solved.
  • The ability to share from certain third party applications to Slack is much improved.
  • Long bot integration names no longer cause issues for the UI.
  • A misleading issue related to displaying usernames in file comments is now a lot less confusing all round.
  • Leaving a Private Group will no longer cause a theatrical crash of the entire app. No more drama in your life.
  • We no longer badge the up button when you are mentioned in the channel you are viewing, because let’s face it, at that point you already know.
  • /away was broken. Now it works.
  • Long presses on file rows in message view should now do what you want it to do. Or at least do more than “nothing”.
  • A crash that could happen when uploading certain types of files (which we will not dignify by naming) no longer happens.
  • We fix an issue where profile photos were looking a little blurry. Now, if your team mates have blurry faces, it’s not our rendering, it’s just their faces.
  • The blue unread message bar is now far, far easier to close.
  • Block quotes are now properly displayed in Posts.
  • Apologies to all those who mistakenly looked to it seeking info on classic French couture houses; we have now fixed the typo in the Chanel Info screen.