Slack 2.13.0 for Android - Release Notes

Feature Additions

  • Updated the way notifications are handled and displayed, to make them better.
  • Support for Android Wear (Reply to notifications and view previous messages to a notification by swiping right)
  • When using the in-app browser we’ve added more options to make it easier to share - in Slack, and out.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: A crash when attempting to leave a Private Channel via /leave. You’ll now leave, rather than crash, which is admittedly a type of leaving, but not a very helpful one.
  • Fixed: We now support partial matching when searching from the Team Directory.
  • Fixed: Relatedly, you can now search for a team member's username with or without the @ sign in the Quick Switcher.
  • Fixed: ALSO name-related: We now honour the way you wish your name to be displayed when displaying usernames in Search Results.
  • Fixed: An issue where you would sometimes not be able to deselect team members on the Add Someone screen. Add someone, don’t add them, up to you.
  • Fixed: An issue where a Starred Group Direct Message would not be removed from the Starred list after it was closed.
  • Fixed: An issue where long team names wouldn't ellipsize properly in the team toolbar. Yes: “ellipsize”.
  • Fixed: Tapping on someone’s avatar could sometimes result in multiple Profile screens being displayed. Because… no. There is no logic here.
  • Fixed: An issue where we were still badging channels even though the Ignore @here and @everyone preference was set. We’ve always respected you — but we now correctly respect your preferences too.
  • Improved: In message attachments, dates are now much more gracefully displayed.
  • Improved: Some improvements for better accessibility on the Calls (Voice) screen.
  • Fixed: Receiving a push notification would sometimes cause you to appear active. But it was we that were active in that moment, rather than you. So we changed it.