Slack 2.14.0 for Android - Release Notes

Feature Additions

  • Many much-desired additions to Calls: including Bluetooth support, symbols to indicate who is actively speaking, added support for receiving emoji while on a call, and, best of course: Added support for /call slash command. Type it, then talk. Easy peasy.
  • When attempting to open a Slack link - like when needing to change something in the team settings, you will now be blissfully, joyfully, thankfully, and automatically, logged in.
  • Improvements to the way avatars are loaded across the app for more clearly appreciating the physiognomy of your teammates.
  • The User is Typing setting will now show you when a team member is currently… wait for it… typing.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: an issue where some users (nothing personal, we promise, some users) were unable to upload photos.
  • Fixed: an issue where you were unable to share to Slackbot, even if you wanted to.
  • Fixed: We now hide Channels you are not a member of when sharing. Because why would you want to share to a channel you’re not a member of. You wouldn’t. No one would. It would be a deeply weird thing to do. We see that now.
  • We now preserve the correct order of users when viewing reaction list. Priorities!
  • Fixed: an issue when users being @mentioned via webhook appeared as weird non-existent users. You exist.
  • Fixed: Quick Switcher now not only shows you channels you are not a member of, but tells you you’re not a member of them, so joining them inadvertently is far less likely.
  • Fixed: a peculiar issue where you were unable to deselect the only user added to a Channel during Channel creation. You now have the capacity for selective deselection and selection during a process of creation, as feels natural.