Support Update Celebrations

Elyse is a Triage Superstar

Everyone - if you get a chance, please pause and send some love to Elyse. Why? She is handling Triage and the bug queue while Justin is on vacation, and she’ll be helping with this going forward. I can’t stress enough how helpful and impressive this is. Elyse has only been with us since December, and she’s made it a priority to quickly develop both her technical know-how and product knowledge.

Doing Triage is incredibly tricky. It involves tactfully pushing back on your own teammates, thinking creatively, digging deeply into the product, and knowing when to call in engineering. Elyse is a perfect fit for the challenge :-).

All the Changes!

The past month and half has been a big transition period for the Support team. Like a total champ, Justin moved from team lead to tackling the product. We moved under the umbrella of Growth with a lot of thoughtful help from Suneet. Every teammate has been nothing but supportive, positive, and open-minded.

New Stuff

Weekly Snapshots

Daily roundups have made a huge difference in keeping our team on the same page knowledge-wise. We’re now going to send out Weekly Snapshots each Monday morning with a bird’s-eye view of the week. This covers the same domain as Daily Roundup, just with an eye forward instead of back. These will be happening on the Support blog in Confluence, if you want to follow along.

New focus on integration training

New integrations can be tricky for us - we want to be experts for customer questions, but we're often still getting up to speed when they go live. For HubSpot, we wanted to be as prepared as possible.

Nadia, Justin, and Nancy were essential to this :-). With their combined knowledge, we created some solid resources to make sure we were prepared and ready to go. Here's a taste:

  • (Internal links removed)

June Numbers

We fielded X new conversations in June, up 11% from May. 64% of conversations received a first reply in 15 minutes or less. We received Y happiness ratings, 94% came back as Great, 2% as Okay, and 3% as Not Good.

Of those X conversations, Z came in through live chat. We stuck to a stricter coverage schedule for chat this month, and we saw a 14% increase in chats from May.

Support took over chat for trial members in February, and we’ve handled over Q customer chats since then. We’re still finding a balance in how to incorporate chat without sacrificing the queue. Shout out to Mo for being a huge help in stepping in during heavier times.

Customer love

Amanda is a beast! She's super nice in her approach and provides in-depth answers. Great job!

For Kristi - Awesome! A fast reply and a good one, because it worked. The culprit was the hash tag. I edited it out of a few sample tags and now they're searching just fine. Thank you.

Kelly is AWESOME - polite, fast, knowledgeable and PATIENT. A+++++++

For Elyse - This was an answer we totally should have seen on our own. (Duh, use the number column!) Thanks for handling our ignorance gracefully.