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Stash Press Kit

Tag Line

Smarter cross-device bookmarking using Artificial Intelligence


Bookmarking was invented in 1993 and was never fundamentally updated. Stash is re-inventing how we save content we find on the internet with Artificial Intelligence at its core and stunning user experience at its surface.

With Stash, you can save anything you find on the internet or in other apps. Anything from interesting articles on NYTimes, to your bucket list of restaurants from Yelp, to your weekend getaway options on AirBnb.

Using Artificial Intelligence, Stash automatically organizes everything you save into high-level categories and also recommends topical tags - to make sure you not only save what you find, but also find what you save.

Beyond organizing your content, Stash solves major problems with bookmarking such as being able to set reminders on links, seamlessly pushing links between your devices, and quickly sharing links to your contacts.


Stash is currently in a limited beta, but you can sign up for the waitlist by visiting

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Twitter: @StashHQ



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