Welcome to the Blocknet's Think Tank! Here's some info.

There's a new thing coming: the inter-blockchain era. Let's be the first to capture its potential.

This channel is an open conversation for ideas to be shared and developed. It's a swarm so don't wait for permission to do things.

If you haven't joined yet, click here.

If you:

  • like brainstorming, analysing or critiquing people's ideas
  • have a big idea and want to find people to work on it
  • want to find out about tech the Blocknet needs
  • want to find work in crypto
  • want to invest in the most disruptive technology of our time,

then this is the place to come.

A suggestion on how to use the Think Tank

  1. Air an idea here. Start a conversation about it.
  2. Form a group of no more than 7 people to work on it. Use a private channel.
  3. While you mature your idea, @dungor and the Blocknet’s core team are happy to offer info, connections and advice. Dungor is especially good at gauging the place and importance of an idea in a business or project.
  4. If you need devs, pitch your idea in the Dev Incubator (launching soon) and see who’s interested.
  5. If you want funding from the Blocknet, write a formal proposal and submit it to the board.
  6. If you're from a Blocknet-enabled project, consider involving its dev team and community. They're a great source of talent to draw upon.

Between you, your group, your coin, us, the Dev Incubator, and the Board, you’ll have a wealth of resources to get your idea into production.

Best of luck!