10 rules you have to know before contacting us...

Our favorite form of communication with candidates, students, alumni or anyone interested in our programme is by electronic mails or messages (i.e. emails, messenger from our FB page and the contact form on the website). This modality allows us to coordinate our responses, assess the urgency of the numerous requests and organize our work without being locked into an endless question-and-answer process. But to ensure optimal operation, we will ask you to respect these few simple rules:

  1. Do not send the same question by email and messenger: if the medium used or even the recipient is not the right one, we will forward or tell you who to contact.
  2. Do not send the same question to different recipients through different emails (you can cc instead!). Same principle as above: we will forward to the right person if needed.
  3. Do not remind us every hour, or even every day. You may start worrying if you have not received any reply after one week.
  4. Do not pretend that an urgent response is expected. If you really need an answer within 24 hours, it's probably because you asked it us late.
  5. Do not contact the staff on private or personal messengers. It's private and personal.
  6. Do not expect replies during weekends and holidays. It’s weekends and holidays.
  7. Do not tell us how to organize our work: that's our work, indeed.
  8. Be polite and courteous in all circumstances. We sometimes make mistakes, but it is always in good faith: our mission is primarily educational, we are neither a call centre nor an administrative assistance service.
  9. Do not tell us what to do, if you knew what we have to do, you wouldn't have any questions to ask.
  10. Take it easy.

We do not guarantee any response or acknowledgement of receipt to students, candidates, alumni or curious mind who infringe any of these simple rules... not as a matter of principle, but to save precious time and give priority to those who comply with.

Thanks in advance for your understanding. We wish you all a great academic year!

The VIBOT Coordination Team

Aug. 23, 2018