Team Call 19: Meeting Notes

Here are the rough notes from the Syscoin team call #19 on Google Hangouts.


Notes from call May 17, 2015

Blockmarket Beta5/Syscoin Wallet 1.5.2 b5 Status

  • Danno still working on new Block Explorer work for the time being to expedite iOS app releases.
  • Block explorer to be available in beta form against cakenet blockchain sometime in coming week.
  • Still working on testing final items for 1.5.2 before switching to 1.5.3 (dynamic expiry) :
  • Coinbase issue under heavy service load
  • Switching from regen to burning fees
  • Fixes error
  • Enables much easier integration with existing services including other block explorers and mobile wallets such as android- ANY codebase used with bitcoin will be much easier to integrate with this change.
  • Removing regen decouples core code from bitcoin and the syscoin code so that there is a separation of concerns; this enables us to upgrade pure-transaction related code independent of the syscoin-service related code.
  • KGW "hang" / neg number issue: Slack Note (please view in Slack in order to see FULL comments which contain important details).
  • Team is discussing reverting KGW to default params vs using the standard Litecoin diff adjustment algorithm. The current SYS mainnet is using a tweaked version of KGW to respond to MP attacks but the robust hashrate makes this unnecessary and may be causing the block hang in certain conditions.
  • Switching to Litecoin algo seems a bit brute-force. This algo may still leave the coin susceptible to large diff spikes/drops; could change Litecoin algo params but this would need more testing.
  • Going to try fixing KGW. Also going to look at KGW2/ KGW3 to see if there are any benefits there.


  • Sprout Marketing report now shows Syscoin engagement ranking very highly on Twitter (specifically v Dogecoin- 17% SYS v 0% DOGE)
  • Facebook video ad campaign test results - 1665views, mostly on mobile, clickthru of 4%, highest clickthru in order greatest to least: India, UK, US, Canada, China, Japan.
  • Ad needs to be cut down to be more immediately informing users, audience retention drops due to initial long-splash time.
  • FB Relevance Score on test ad: 8/10, meaning cheap ads as targeting is on point.
  • Buffer being used for sharing across multiple channels. Auto-posting times for FB/G+ updated to target times which our target audience is most active. Twitter to be updated as well.
  • Starting #millionaires-club Syscoin private slack for Syscoin investors who hold >1million SYS. Membership is granted by signing a message with your Syscoin wallet address containing >1mil (for internal use only, address will not be publicly disclosed) this address must maintain a balance of at least 1mil SYS to remain part of the club.
  • Members get benefits such as early news, more influence when it comes to feature direction and design, rewards and contests, etc.
  • Sebastien1234 to create a post describing the club, how to join, and as a place for users to ask any questions they may have related to the club.
  • SEO analysis for homepage shows we could make some improvements. Andy is working on improvements to website in website-dev environment before pushing them live.
  • All news articles mentioning SYS and Syscoin Blog posts being mirrored to LinkedIn channel to target more mainstream investors.
  • Individual team members posting articles will post it to their personal LinkedIn account and then the post will be mirrored to the Syscoin company page. LinkedIn Company pages do not support formatted long form posts so this approach will allow us to post in long form to the company page while retaining proper attribution.

General Notes

  • Coderboo to push syscoin-dyanmicexpiry branch this weekend (1.5.3 foundational work)
  • Android wallet now possible thanks to regen fee changes
  • 1.6 wallet UI is now mostly completed. We will be releasing screenshots of the wallet this week for demonstration and feedback.
  • Danno or Jan to work on CSS to differentiate some of the similar looking screens between services.
  • OPAL collaboration discussion- still discussing technical underpinnings of OPAL, working on contacting a dev. Trying to clarify if they use Driveshare API or Syncthing API. Haven't been able to get a clear answer from developer just yet; will try to get on a call vs. chat.
  • Syscoin now listed on homepage as core coin.
  • Working to get Syscoin added to Supernet Multigateway wallet and Instadex.
  • Waiting for recent article to be published so that it can be shared with other journalists and publications in and outside of the crypto space.
  • Looking into avenues to raise funding for larger marketing spending budget including Kickstarter for goods, selling physical goods related to Syscoin etc. All proceeds from sales would go back to Syscoin marketing and/or dev budget.