The Ottoneu Community on Slack

The Ottoneu community on Slack is a giant, customizable, feature-rich social network that complements the "official" community for the game of Ottoneu. We have 900+ members discussing all things Ottoneu baseball and football on a daily basis. We hope you'll join us. You can request a free invite in the comments section here. Once you've received your invite, you can get started here.

If you're new to the Ottoneu Slack community, here are a few core features you'll want to get familiar with to get started. But before you do anything, make sure to download the free Slack mobile app, which keeps you up to date on everthing Ottoneu-related on the go. Slack is best utilized with it's excellent mobile apps.


The Ottoneu community is broken down into #channels, which can be thought of as discussion topics. For example, the #keeporcut channel for baseball provides an active, rapid fire thread where Ottoneu owners can crowd source last minute feedback about those players that may be on the chopping block (:white_check_mark: or :scissors:) before the keeper deadline. The #trade-review channel is also popular, which allows you to post potential or newly executed Ottoneu trades for feedback from hundreds of other members. And, if you're new to Ottoneu and are searching to join a league of active owners, you'll want to check out the #leagueswanted channel. New channels are added occasionally, but for the most part you'll also find dedicated, permanent channels on prospects, Ottoneu tools, the @ottoneutraderumors podcast, Ottoneu football, general baseball talk, and even food and entertainment. For more on channels and messages, click here.

Keyword Notifications

Once you've gotten the hang of the #channels, you'll also want to begin setting up keyword notifications. Whether you're active on the message board every day or just want to check in occasionally, setting up highlighted words - specific words that activate push notifications to your mobile device via the (excellent) Slack app - will help you get just the information you need. For example, you can setup player names ("McCutchen", "Thor", "Correa"), topics ("steamer", "standings", "yankees"), and other triggers ("my name", "my team name", "my league name") as highlighted words to "ping" you only when they are mentioned by the entire community. In addition, you can customize notifications by channel, so you may decide to push more frequent updates from the #trade-review channel and just use your keywords for others (you can even "mute" channels if you don't want to be ever notified and just want to check them manually when convenient). For more on how to setup your highlighted word notificatoins, click here.

Search for Anything

One of the great features of Slack is that everything in the Ottoneu community is searchable by keyword. Been out of town and want to check if anyone has mentioned Yoan "Moncada" over the past few days? You can search for just about anything, including files, links, photos, etc. And with regard to files, you can use Slack for just about any type of file transfer (Dropbox, PDF, Excel, GoogleDocs, photos, etc.), and you can integrate other resources like RSS feeds, Facebook, and Twitter. In other words, everything is in one place in a very user friendly environment (and on mobile), which makes communication with your league and with other like-minded Ottoneu owners easy and addictive. For more on how to search for anything in Slack, click here.

Any File, Any Time

Slack makes it easy to upload just about anything to the Ottoneu community: pictures, web links, tweets, GIFs, RSS feeds, Google and Dropbox docs, etc. This flexibility makes Slack a great complement to the communication that already takes place on your league message boards. In fact, you can also copy Slack messages and post them to your league message board, if needed. More about Slack files here.

Direct Messages & Private Groups

While most of the action in Ottoneu community takes place inside specific #channels, you can also use Slack to send private direct messages any member(s) (up to 9 people in a single message) of the Ottoneu landscape. Do you need trade advice on a deal you've been offered by an independent third party from another league? Need to nail down the final details of a trade you've been working on for weeks? Use direct messages to communicate quickly, and if you choose, setup a private group for your entire league that complements the discussion normally found on your Ottoneu league home page. For more on how to setup a private Slack channel for your Ottoneu league, click here.


Slackbot is also a feature of the Ottoneu community that functions sort of like your own private assistant (he can be pushy sometimes). Slackbot is always available to you (just ask him), and can be used as a resource for Ottoneu and plenty of other things, including articles and files you need to reference often throughout the season and reserve just for yourself. You can even use Slackbot to setup personal reminders like "remind me in 2 hours to respond to Joe's trade offer", or "remind me in 30 days to start an auction for Adam Wainwright." Slackbot is cool.

These are just a few of the features of Slack within the growing Ottoneu community. These features and more can be accessed and customized by logging in via the community webpage: The Ottoneu Slack community is a great (free) resource if you're interested in joining an Ottoneu baseball or football league, are new to the game and looking for some advice, or a veteran title-holder looking for more information about the Champions League or price leagues. Most importantly, the Ottoneu community is the best place to meet other owners with similar passions about a game we all enjoy.

You can request a free invite in the comments section here. If you've recently joined us in the Ottoneu community on Slack, but sure to update your profile and check out some of these links: