Learn about Themes

Locly app themes can be found in your app account under ‘Themes’ in the top blue menu bar and are written in JSON.

Most elements of the app can be customised such as fonts, headers, text sizes, image formats, button layouts, border sizes and background colours. This makes Locly one of the most flexible React Native app builder platforms available.

A Locly designer will normally create the template for you and test it across both Android and iOS devices, phones and tablets before placing it in your account. They will then work with you to tweak the design until you are completely happy with it.

Locly app themes are portrait as standard, and are optimised for use on both phones and tablets.

Your Locly designer will create two individual stylesheets for your app; one for phones and one for tablets. So you can have different layouts for different sizes, if you like. When your app is installed on a device it will automatically show the correct stylesheet for that device.

The same stylesheets are used for both Android and iOS apps. The output is pretty much identical, but Android devices render some fonts differently than iOS, so there may be some slight differences there.