GSOC 2017 Projects


Behavior Trees

  • Summary: Overhaul our AI system based on Behavior Trees originally implemented by Synopia, who left a new version nearly complete. Improve usability, utility, and docs/tutorial.
  • Student: dkampersky
  • Mentors: oniatus, kaen, jellysnake
  • GitHub:
  • Slack: #ai
  • Forum:
  • Blog?

Blender Addon


Destination Sol

  • Summary: Finish the integration of Gestalt asset + module and implement some content and utility that put them to use. Overhaul code base to make it follow standards and newer libraries. Fix up the Box2D editor and/or other tools for making ships and such.
  • Student: vampcat
  • Mentors: rulasmur, rzats, manu3d, Avalancs, Cervator
  • GitHub:
  • Slack: #destination-sol
  • Forum:
  • Blog?

Exploration World


Server API


World Stuff! (Sectors)

  • Summary: Introduce support for more complexity and optimization in worlds, including sectors for better seggregated simuation, surfaces for better maps and pathfinding, maybe eventually world types, multi-world, etc.
  • Student: vizaxo
  • Mentors: skaldarnar, rzats, oniatus, msteiger, Cervator
  • GitHub:
  • Slack: #worldgen
  • Forum:
  • Blog?