Cleaning vs. Disinfection

I wanted to post some information on cleaning your home and office personal work environment. Cleaning is not the same as disinfecting.

Cleaning includes

Cleaning does not kill the virus. However, it is important to clean areas from daily grime, dirt and dust. According to public health, these activities should be undertaken at normal intervals in high-traffic and "high touch" areas (door knobs, bathrooms, etc) in the home and workplace (card machines).

Cleaning only removes the virus from the area. It does not kill the virus.

After you have cleaned, you need to dispose of the paper cleaning wipes in an isolation bag (plastic/paper) in the garbage. This is because the virus is not killed/made inactive by these products.

Then you need to wash your hands.

Disinfecting includes

It is important to note the time on some of these products. That is, the amount of time the surface has to be kept wet with the cleaning product to actually disinfect the area. Sometimes minutes is necessary.

Disinfecting is only good after you have cleaned the area of grime. This virus lives in water droplets on hard surfaces for days. Grime can protect it from disinfection and most disinfectants are poor cleaning agents.

Mobile devices (and your eye/sun glasses)

Remember, your devices (and glasses) are disgusting generally, so it is good to pick up this habit anyway.

Clean, then disinfect.
Never mix a cleaning agent with a disinfectant -- it does not work that way and may kill you.

*nerd addition: Viruses are not technically "alive", but I figure you know what I mean.