Demonights 001

#WHERE - a secret underground location and scener hangout beneath Bern. Accessible via side entrance to the right of - Effingerstrasse 10. Just a 5 minutes walk from the main train station, or next to the Kocherpark bus and tram stop.


Since the E-0010 space station has been abandoned for a while, our facilities are currently basic. You can use a WC upstairs, just ask for the keygen. To protect our oxygen supply, smoke only outside and at some distance from the building entrances. Do not wander around the underground too much: rumour has it, things have happened in the catacombs, and we do not want to lose anyone. Enjoy the party // Be excellent to each other // Have a great demonight!


Throughout the evening, several stations will be available for you to enjoy interactive productions, including:

  • Analysis by Bitfellas & Acko (Meteoriks 2017 interactive award winner)
  • Ludum Dare 38 "A Small World": selected games
  • Interactive entries from Bünzli / Demodays of yonder

In addition to our digital stations, there will be friendly and interactive people around with deep knowledge of animation scripting, music synthesizing, code packing, graphics effects, hardware platforms, etc.


19:19 < Doors open >

20:20 Meteoriks 2017

  • 2nd Stage Boss by 0x4015 & Yet11 (best direction and best high-end 4k intro)
  • Elysian by Logicoma (best soundtrack award)
  • Higher State of Resolution by Dekadence (best low-end intro award)
  • Unmec by Agenda (best low-end demo award)
  • Wonderland XIII by Censor Design (that's not possible on this platform award)
  • Darkness Lay Your Eye Upon Me by Conspiracy (best storytelling/plot, best high-end demo and public choice award)
  • Monolith I by Poo Brain (to celebrate new talent Andro of Poo Brain)

21:21 Best of Revision 2017

  • No Ambition by Quite & T-Rex (PC Demo)
  • What are you Syncing About by Ninjadev (JavaScript Demo)
  • Atari Video Music by TRSI (AVM Demo / Wild)
  • Singularities by Unique (Amiga)
  • Eidolon by Poo Brain (PC 64k)
  • Engage by Logicoma (PC 64k)
  • Absolute Territory by Prismbeings (PC 4k)
  • Final Stage by 0x4015 (PC 4k)
  • Overdrive 2 by Titan (Sega Megadrive)
  • Soul Splitter by Cocoon (PC Demo)

22:22 Pouëkaraoké

  • Audience requests and fun things, e.g. Wursttunnel and Hello Kevin from Revision 2017 - perhaps even a few singalongs, depending on our mood.

23:23 > Doors close <

  • Dirt makes us honest
  • Honesty makes us devoted
  • Devotion gives us the power to create.

-- gerbera by moppi productions [video]