Joining & Using Our Slack

Our Slack group is for Hive Chicago city-specific local conversations, updates, opportunities and project collaborations.

Join It

  • Visit
  • Add your email address and click enter to submit it;
  • check your inbox for instructions to create a username & password;

Set It Up

Once inside our Slack team page, find @slackbot:

  • specify your first & last name when prompted by the @slackbot (sometimes @slackbot is a little slow, so be patient with it);
  • Then type new member setup while still in direct message mode with @slackbot and follow the prompts;
  • You can always go back to @slackbot for new member setup anytime, or use that space for personal notes and post drafts;

Make sure to edit your profile!

  • Use your full first and last names please!
  • Under "What I Do" specify your title | organization
  • Add a photo of yourself so people can recognize you;

And setup your notifications...

In particular, turn on your Email notifications under "Email Preferences"

And download the desktop and mobile apps!

Use It!

  • Jump into the #random-chatter channel to say hi to everyone.
  • Send a friend a direct message;
  • Try posting a gif by typing /giphy keyword, (replace keyword)
  • Create a post for an upcoming opportunity!

Managing Signal to Noise on Slack

Strategies for getting the message on Slack

Unread Messages Overload!

When you sign into Slack after being away for a while, you might find an overwhelming number of unread messages. That's normal. Just rememeber: you can't read everything.

  • You can dismiss "unread messages" or "jump" to the last message you read by clicking on the blue bar at the top of a busy chat feed (only visible when there are unread messages).
  • Managing your channels are they best way to manage the noise;

Leaving (and Joining) Channels

When you join Slack, you are automatically subscribed to several main channels, which include:

#hivebuzz | #random-chatter | #hive-fund | #social-media | #events-calendar | #slack-woes

You can always leave a channel if you no longer want to be a part of those conversations, or you can mute a channel if you don't want to receive notifications.

To leave

Go to the channel and click the channel name at the top of the chat feed to reveal a dropdown menu. From there, you can leave the channel... or you can also change the channel notifications to mute the channel.

To join (or create) a channel

Click on the CHANNELS heading on the left hand side, then select a channel from the pop up window. You will be given a preview of that channel. To join and add it to the list of channels you follow, make sure to add yourself.

Or you can also try these commands right in the chat bar:

  • /join [channel]
  • /mute [channel]
  • /leave

Email & Desktop Notifications

Turn on your Email notifications under "Email Preferences"

Setting up your email notifications can help you stay in the loop without having to login. Set notifications to arrive "once an hour at most" and you'll get a summary of what you missed, if anything, in the last hour.