How to use the Block tool

Block prevents team members from posting messages on a channel, making it read-only. Only the member who initiates the block command, and other members that have been approved by the initiator, can post messages to that channel. This is how you use it:

Note: Stacktodo needs to be an admin to use this tool. Find out how to do that here - it only takes a second and you only need to do it once). Ignore this if you've already done this for another tool.

  • Create a new channel or choose an existing channel and invite Stacktodo in.
  • In the channel type: @stacktodo: block on
  • Now only you can write a message to that channel.
  • The only thing blocked members can do is add emoji reactions to the messages.
  • To enable another user to message on that channel type: @stacktodo: block add @tom
  • To block that user again, type @stacktodo: block remove @tom.
  • If you want to unblock a channel so that all team members can post comments, type: @stacktodo block off

List of Block commands:

@stacktodo: block on
@stacktodo: block add @tom
@stacktodo: block remove @tom.
@stacktodo block off