How to use the Publish tool

This tool lets you use Slack for publishing snippets and posts to a webpage. We give you a free webpage for publishing, but you can also embed some code on your website. (Please contact us if you want to publish to an app and we can sort that out for you).

Setting your channel

  • In your team, create a new channel for your posts. Note that the channel name will be in the URL of your free publishing page, so make sure you’re happy with it.
  • Go to the channel you want to use for publishing and type: @stacktodo publish here.
  • This channel is now active as your publishing channel. Any team member in that channel can publish from here.
  • Your posts can be seen at:
  • To give your page a title type: @stacktodo: set publish title My Awesome Blog Title.
  • The image at the top of the page is your team icon. You can change this in Slack under 'Customize my team'.
  • To cease publishing from a channel type: @stacktodo: stop publish.

Tip: If you don’t want anyone to see your draft posts then why not create a Private Group for them. You can can publish from there in the same way as a channel and then share with other channels. Or you can copy the finished posts into another channel and publish from there.

Publish to your free webpage

  • You can publish a snippet or post.
  • Go to your publishing channel and select the + icon. Choose either 'Create a snippet' or 'Create a Post'. Then write your content.
  • Both posts and snippets must be shared with the channel before it can be published.
  • To publish: from the snippet or post and select the ‘more actions’ icon (3 dots). Choose ‘create public link’ from the drop down to publish it. A green book emoji will appear under the message indicating that it's live.
  • Any updates you make to your published messages on Slack will automatically be replicated elsewhere.
  • To unpublish a message select the ‘more actions’ icon and choose ‘create public link’ from the drop down. Then select the 'Revoke' option. The green book emoji will disappear. Deleting the message will also unpublish it.

Tip: Images in Posts: Slack currently only supports online images in posts (so you will need to upload any image to the web and paste the weblink into your post). One way of doing this is to upload your image to Slack and 'create a public link' for the image. You can then paste this link into your post!

Note: Your free publishing webpage refreshes automatically, as does Slack. However, sometimes this can take a moment or two. If you're in a hurry, just click on the 'reload' button in your browser to see updates faster.

Publish to a website

You can also embed some code on your website to display the published content. Copy the code below and ask your webmaster to add it to your website:

this code is coming soon. if you really need it now, let us know!

Publish to an app

Want to publish directly to your app? Please contact us and we'll get it sorted for you!

List of Publish commands:

@stacktodo: publish here
@stacktodo: set publish title 'My Awesome Blog Title'
@stacktodo: publish status
@stacktodo: stop publish