How to use the Invite tool

There are three ways to use this tool:

  1. Invite landing page - available now
  2. Invite form on your website (coming soon)
  3. Charge a subscription fee via Stripe (coming soon)


  • Stacktodo needs to be an admin to use this tool. Find out how to do that here: (it only takes a second and you only need to do it once). Ignore this if you've already done this for another tool.
  • You can only setup one invite form per team. So remember which channel you set it up in! If you forget type @stacktodo: tools all and he will remind you.

Invite landing page

Creating the form:

  • In your team, create a new channel or private group to track your invites
  • Go to the channel or group and invite @stacktodo to join
  • Go to the channel and type: @stacktodo: create invite
  • This creates your landing page at
  • To give your page a title type: @stacktodo: set invite title 'My Awesome Team Title’
  • To add a team description type: @stacktodo: set invite description 'My awesome team description’.
  • To add a text field for the user to add their name type: @stacktodo: invite name on
  • To add a text field for the user to add a short intro about themselves type: @stacktodo: invite intro on

Adding Approval

Automatic Approval

This is Stacktodo’s default. This means that users are automatically sent an email invite from Slack to join your team as soon as they submit the form. If you are happy with this you do not need to do anything. These will appear in your channel with a black check/tick emoji :heavy_check_mark: next to the message.

Manual Approval

You have the option to review all invite requests that come into your Slack channel. They will appear with a question mark emoji :question:next to them. To approve the invite, simply add a green check/tick emoji :white_check_mark: to the message. This will automatically trigger a Slack invite email to the user.

  • To turn on manual approval type: @stacktodo: invite approval on
  • To turn off manual approval type: @stacktodo: invite approval off

List of Invite Commands

@stacktodo: create invite
@stacktodo: set invite title 'My Awesome Team Title’
@stacktodo: set invite description 'My awesome team description’
@stacktodo: invite name on (or off)
@stacktodo: invite intro on (or off)
@stacktodo: invite approval on (or off)
@stacktodo: stop invite

Stopping the Invite Tool

To cancel the invite tool, type @stacktodo: stop invite. This will delete the invitation page.