How to use the Link tool

Link lets you connect a channel in your Slack with other teams. You do this by sharing a unique channel code. This is how you do it:

In your team:

  • In your team go to the channel you want to share and type: @stacktodo: link here
  • Stacktodo will respond with two codes;
    • 1) Read-only: lets you link a channel that other teams can only read e.g. read 0027-3018-81980
    • 2) Participate: lets you link a channel that other teams can read and write to e.g. join 0393-8942-92624
  • Now you can share these links with other teams.
  • To stop sharing your channel type @stacktodo: stop link

The invited team:

  • The invited team needs to have installed the Stacktodo bot.
  • They need to create a new channel and invite Stacktodo bot to that channel.
  • Then type: @stacktodo: join 0393-8942-92624
  • That channel will become the linked channel.

List of Link commands:

@stacktodo: link here
@stacktodo: read [channel code]
@stacktodo: join [channel code]
@stacktodo: stop link