Summary of Stacktodo commands

General Help

@stacktodo: help (general help information)

@stacktodo: help invite (how-to guide)

@stacktodo: help block (how-to guide)

@stacktodo: help publish (how-to guide)

@stacktodo: help remote (how-to guide)

@stacktodo: commands (lists all commands)

@stacktodo: tools here (lists active tools in that channel)

@stacktodo: all tools (lists all active tools)

Invite Tool

@stacktodo: create invite
@stacktodo: set invite title My Awesome Team Title
@stacktodo: set invite description My awesome team description
@stacktodo: invite name on (or off)
@stacktodo: invite intro on (or off)
@stacktodo: invite approval on (or off)
@stacktodo: invite status
@stacktodo: stop invite

Block Tool

@stacktodo: block on
@stacktodo: block add @tom
@stacktodo: block remove @tom
@stacktodo: block status
@stacktodo: block off

Publish Tool

@stacktodo: publish here
@stacktodo: set publish title My Awesome Blog Title
@stacktodo: publish status
@stacktodo: publish code
@stacktodo: stop publish

Link Tool

@stacktodo: link here
@stacktodo: read channel code
@stacktodo: join channel code
@stacktodo: stop link

Form Tool

@stacktodo: form here
@stacktodo: form title Request a call 
@stacktodo: form description Complete this form and one of our sales team will be in touch as soon as possible
@stacktodo: form add Your Name
@stacktodo: form add Contact Number
@stacktodo: form add Your Email
@stacktodo: form code
@stacktodo: stop form

To remove fields: @stacktodo form remove field name

Remote Tool

@stacktodo: remote here
@stacktodo: remote text My Awesome Remote
@stacktodo: remote image
@stacktodo: remote button 1 Coffee
@stacktodo: remote action 1 @tom you need to get some coffee
@stacktodo: remote reply 1 Tom will pick some up soon!
@stacktodo: remote button 1 Milk
@stacktodo: remote action 1 Can someone bring milk tomorrow?
@stacktodo: remote reply 1 The channel has been messaged
@stacktodo: remote app
@stacktodo: remote demo
@stacktodo: remote status
@stacktodo: remote stop