How to use the Form tool

This tool lets you create simple web forms for using with your website. When the form is submitted, all the information is automatically sent to a channel in Slack, ready for processing. You can only create one form per channel, but you can use the form in as many places as you like.

Setting your channel

  • Create a new channel for your form and type: @stacktodo form here.
  • This channel is now active as a form channel. When this form is submitted, the details will appear in this channel with a mailbox emoji.
  • Your free form page can be seen here:
  • To remove a form channel, type: @stacktodo: stop form.

Creating your form

  • To give your form a title type: @stacktodo: form title Request a call
  • To give your form a descripton type: @stacktodo: form description If you'd like one of our sales team to give you a call, just let us know!
  • To add a name field type: @stacktodo: form add Your Name
  • To add another field type: @stacktodo: form add Contact Number
  • To add an email field type: @stacktodo: form add Your Email
  • To remove any of these, just type: @stacktodo: remove form title, or @stacktodo: remove form Your Name etc.
  • To see a summary of what you've done so far type: @stacktodo form status

Embedding on a website

When you're happy with your form, just ask Stacktodo for the embed code: @stacktodo form code.

Using with existing web forms

You can also use the embed code to send any existing form information to the channel. Just give the code to your web developer and they will sort it out for you.

List of Form commands

@stacktodo: form here
@stacktodo: form title Request a call 
@stacktodo: form description Complete this form and one of our sales team will be in touch as soon as possible
@stacktodo: form add Your Name
@stacktodo: form add Contact Number
@stacktodo: form add Your Email
@stacktodo: form code
@stacktodo: stop form

To remove fields: @stacktodo form remove field name