How to use Remote

This tool lets you create real-world buttons for Slack using the Stacktodo Remote app on a mobile device. Here's how it works:

Setting your channel

  • Create a new channel for your app and type @stacktodo remote here.
  • This channel is now active as an app channel. It is where you will setup your mobile app buttons, and where you will receive notifications from your buttons.

Creating your app button screen

Adding your app buttons

  • You can add as many buttons as you like to the screen:
    • Each button needs a legend - the word, or image, that appears on the button.
    • Each button needs an action - the message that is sent to Slack when the button is pressed. (If you include an @user, that user will be notified in Slack that they have a message).
    • Each button needs a reply - the message that will show on the app screen after the button is pressed.
  • To add your first button type @stacktodo: remote button 1 Coffee or @stacktodo: remote button 1 <image url>.
  • To set an action for the button type @stacktodo: remote action @tom you need to get some milk.
  • To set a reply for the button type @stacktodo: remote reply Tom has been notified that we need some milk.
  • Repeat this process for more buttons. To change any of these settings, just type them in again.

Getting your app

  • Next type @stacktodo: remote app. This will give you a unique QR code for that app.
  • Install the app on your mobile device. You can download the app from Google Play or the App Store.
  • From the app welcome screen tap on the 'Scan new QR code from Slack' option.
  • Then, scan your QR code - your title, image and buttons should appear in the app and you're ready to go!
  • You can use this QR code for as many mobile devices as you like, as the buttons will always be the same, and the message will always go into that channel. Any changes you make in the channel will be replicated on all devices.
  • To create a new app, with different buttons, start from the beginning again.

List of Remote commands

@stacktodo: remote here
@stacktodo: remote text My Awesome Remote
@stacktodo: remote image
@stacktodo: remote button 1 Coffee
@stacktodo: remote action 1 @tom you need to get some coffee
@stacktodo: remote reply 1 Tom will pick some up soon!
@stacktodo: remote button 1 Milk
@stacktodo: remote action 1 Can someone bring milk tomorrow?
@stacktodo: remote reply 1 The channel has been messaged
@stacktodo: remote app
@stacktodo: remote demo (gives you a demo in the app on your mobile)
@stacktodo: remote status
@stacktodo: remote stop