Humble NYC Press Release


Humble NYC

Collective of creatives aim to feed the Big Apple before Christmas.

Newly formed collective, Team Humble, recently announced that they are raising funds to fly 3 team members from the UK to New York City, along with a 4th stateside member. Their aim while in the States is to visit as many soup kitchens within the Manhattan area as time allows.

They will be volunteering their time and also capturing conversations with the homeless and digitally nomadic population they encounter during their week; in addition to handing out free Udemy course coupons.

The collective aim to raise £1,800 to make this happen, which will cover flights, an Airbnb for 4 people for one week (6th – 13th December 2015), and also transport during for the week. The fundraiser can be found at

In September 2015, it was recorded that there were 59,305 homeless people within New York. Team Humble understand that there are many avenues that may lead someone to become homeless, from financial pressures to mental illness. As most, if not all team members have experienced some of the circumstances that may lead someone to lose their way, they want to see change.

“What if someone gave you permission to be your truest self? If people who actually care used their super powers of empathy and intuition to elevate each other? Drawing out, articulating, translating and echoing the truths, talents, and potentials they can see so clearly in others, but are often overlooked. What if they created a permission based value economy for other people who actually care?”

–Team Humble

Humble NYC is the first of many projects launched by Team Humble, who are already working on expanding their reach with a website. For a collective that only came about three months ago, they’re one to watch.

“We’re all brought up to believe that to be successful you need to get a “real job”, settle down, and have a family. Well not everyone fits into that neat little box of “normal”. Team Humble is a collective of creative misfits, and we’re going to use our spark of madness to make a dent in the task of changing the world.”

-Megan Haste