The TFTTF Slack - A Few Words

Welcome to the TFTTF Slack.

What is Slack?

Here's my stab at an explanation: Slack is a mixture of a private chat system for closed groups and a forum with integration of external communication channels. Slack has been around for a while, especially in team communications. Lately I've seen it being more and more used in communities and that's exactly what I'm trying here, based on the model I've seen in other places (tx, @timpritlove)

What is the TFTTF Slack?

Tips from the Top Foor used to have a really cool forum with a great amount of wonderful activity. With the advent of social media, forums started to fall out of favor. A rising spam problem didn't make things easier for forums and in the end those two factors led to the eventual demise of the TFTTF forurm. That was a very sad day...

Ever since Slack was created, I've been eyeing it as a potential new meeting place for the TFTTF community and when I saw others successfully use it in this capacity, I thought why not give it a go. So here we are.

How to get in?

The TFTTF Slack is invite-only for now. This is not because I want to artificially keep it exclusive (I want you all in there!) but because that's how Slack works at the moment. There are hacks to allow people to sign themselves up, but I haven't had the time to dive into this just yet.

I have set this Slack up in a way that members can invite other members, which should help with getting people on board a bit faster.


  • ... if you are a member of the TFTTF Slack: feel free to invite others
  • ... if you're not on the TFTTF Slack but know someone who is: ask them for an invite (unless it's Chris :) )
  • ... if you want to join but don't know anyone: send a mail to and Slack CIO (Chief Invitation Officer) Russ will send you an invite (give him a day or two, he's a busy man)

It's an experiment

At this point, I see the TFTTF Slack as an experiment. The system is still invite-only and the way it is set up will evolve over time, just like the TFTTF Forum did back in the day. As a member of this slack you are allowed (and encouraged) to invite other TFTTF listeners.

When you come in first, you will see a few channels:

  • #lobby: this is where you come in first, it's public announcements and things that are of general interest
  • #tfttf-ideas: the place for collection and discussion of potential TFTTF show topics. I toss some general stuff in there and I'd love for you to help me discuss some of them, maybe help me with some research if you're inclined to do so.

There are plenty more channels, initially hidden from your sight, so it won't get too overwhelming for you in the beginning.

To see all channels and join them:

  • On the desktop, click the word CHANNELS in the left sidebar (not the + sign)
  • In the mobile app, tap the + next to the channel list to see and join other channels

The Sandbox

New to Slack? Check out the #sandbox channel, it's a great playground to test things without creating too much noise for everyone else.

Can't find the #sandbox? Click on CHANNELS in the sidebar to find it.


If you want to discuss something in a closed group, you can DM others or even set up your own private channels behind my back.

Dig in!

At this point there is only one rule: don't be a dick, treat others with the same courtesy and respect that you want to be treated yourself.

Same as we did back on the TFTTF Forum.



PS: Slack allows commenting on posts like this, so by all means, let me know what you think about this!