Slack for iOS 3.5

  • *Dinky little placeholders in the message input field to help remind you which channel or conversation you’re about to send a message in. Just in case you’ve landed in the wrong one. Somehow.
  • Performance improvements for faster and more pleasant connecting.
  • Fixes for a few of our most frequent and fetid crashes.
  • Shareable invites: If you have permission to invite new users to your team, you can now easily share an invite link with others by going to the right side menu and tapping the “Invite” button.

  • Fixed: You’d sometimes get totally trapped after tapping an avatar to open a profile. Apparently you wanted to see the profile, but not infinitely and to the exclusion of all else. Fine.
  • Fixed: In Recent Mentions, previously unreadable by screen readers, VoiceOver now reads your messages, just as it should.
  • Fixed: If you noticed while navigating the Settings screen the back arrow was missing, it’s now back.
  • Fixed: When opening a DM from the Quick Switcher it would sometimes kick you to #general. This was potentially #awkward, and precisely the type of situation you might want…

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