(DRAFT announcemt) permiechat : join a chat for all permies in all languages (and a common good) :)

(this WAS a DRAFT announcement for the permies.com forum - you can edit this draft or comment it from the slack at : internal slack link ;)

THE ANNOUCEMENT HAS BEEN POSTED IN : http://www.permies.com/t/57508/web-sites/permiechat-join-chat-permies-languages !!!


We are currently building a chat https://permiechat.slack.com for permies.

The idea behind that chat is that it will be open to all permies in all languages so that some synergy between different people can be created.

(We saw the synergy in big chats like, for example, chat.nuitdebout.fr : that's what gave us the idea ;) )

You may find more information about this chat in the original discussion thread : http://www.permies.com/t/53961/tnk/Tools-interwebs or its wiki page : http://appropedia.org/permiechat

Please join the fun :) Ask for an email invitation to somebody already in the chat :) or give me your email address through a Purple Mooseages and I'll send you the chat invitation :)

(you'll also find more ways of getting your email invitation in http://www.appropedia.org/Permiechat.slack.com_:_a_chat_for_all_permies_in_all_languages_(and_a_common_good)#Ask_for_an_email_invitation_to_: )