Chola Lottery

More than 20m up for grabs

11 prizes of various values to be given away

Date: 12jan17 0:01 orbis time-15jan17 23:59 orbis time (gmt+0)

One ticket costs 250k. (20% goes to bank, 80% is spilt between the prices)

Early Bird Prices 200k per ticket. Only available from 12jan17 0:01-12jan17 23:59 orbis time

Other offers:

Save 10% off raw ticket price(cost of 30tickets before offers) and an additional 400k when you purchase at least 30tickets or more

Save 400k when you purchase 10 tickets or more

Save 100k when you purchase at east 3 tickets or more.

Only one offer maybe claimed at any one time. Use Ticket price calculator to check the cost of tickets you must deposit to the bank.

How to participate?

Use the calculator to determine how much your tockets cost. Then send the ticket cost to the bank with the note "CHOLA LOTTO". You will receive a msg assigning you ticket numbers based on the number of tickets you purchased. The ticket numbers are picked by a RNG.

How the draw is conducted?

Last ticket is accepted at 23:59 Jan 15 orbis time. After that, tickets that are accepted at the last min will be assigned their owners. Then I will use a RNG using the ticket numbers as a reference. The jackpot will be picked first and the last will be participant prizes. Results will be posted in announcment within 72hours and we will assign nation advisors to guide you on how to spend your winning in a wise manner, before releasing the prizes to the individual winners.

Prizes: Check for all available prizes by clicking here.

Ticket price: Check for price of tickets by clicking here. Use this calculator before you deposit your money in bank.

Donors: Aerys Targaryen, Arki Arch, Conroy, Kowloon Sword, Jack3top, Prapakaran