Launch FAQ

Do you have a mobile/Apple TV app for Tuned Rocks?

You’ve read our mind: we are working on the mobile version, and may move to Apple TV too, but we have to grow first. Our main focus at the moment is on the desktop experience.

Do you curate your channels manually, or use some kind of automation? Both. We have manually curated channels, and we also have automatically generated channels, like the "Latest Tech News" channel:

What's the source of the videos?

The videos are curated and imported from Youtube - the ads are Youtube ads, so the original creator and Youtube get the revenue the same way they would do with a shared video anywhere else on the internet.

I miss having a way to engage with the original producers of the content

The videos are imported from Youtube, so you can copy-paste the Youtube video URL by right click on the video - or copy the whole Tuned Rocks playlist starting with the given video from the address bar. But of course, we're going to add a more smooth way of sharing options.

Why to use Tuned.Rocks instead of Youtube?

Youtube is a video sharing platform, where users watch in total 1 billion hours per day, and more than 300 hours of video is uploaded in every minute. How could you find all the interesting videos, when the platform is built to search and watch videos, instead of discover new content? Our (manually and automatically) curated channels help you to discover new content with a few clicks and enjoy the most suitable videos for your interest - just like you would do in front of an awesome television service with full of exciting channels.

[Any good feedback we don't have to do something with]

Thanks [username], we're happy you like it.

[Any good feedback suggests further improvement]

[username] awesome feedback! We're adding this to the development list, and I will let you know when it's done.