#ResNetSem is Slacking

Welcome to this discussion space for students in Mia Zamora's DIKULT 303: Networked Transformations seminar at the University of Bergen and Alan Levine's Research in Writing Studies MA thesis seminar at Kean University.

As a part of our plan to network these seminars, this place is meant for private discussion and amongst students in both classes. Slack is meant to organize a lot of communication that gets lost in between email text messaging, document sharing. Keep in mnd that Slack is primarily a messaging platform– stuff gets lost in the flow. It is about messaging and is not that great at organizing and finding content. So if you come across an important resource, idea, start a practice of sving elsewhere.

Discussion is meant to be loosely organized into a few topic channels. Try to use them (and if you want a new channel, let us know!):

  • #general obviously is for open conversation that might not fit in the other channels
  • #random go here for banter about things outside the scop of our seminars. A great place to express emotion via GIFs and memes
  • #braintorming We'd like this channel to be used for talking and refining about our research topics
  • #researchmethods Not sure about what methods are appropriate, or issues in designing and conducting research? Bring the conversation here.
  • #weblinks share useful resources here. They will flow by fast, so consider starring items to track, or copying to a place you can better organize them.

There are also two private channels for each class... just in case you have topics just to talk about in your classes.

All of these links open in the web view of our slack https://resnetsem.slack.com You might prefer using the Slack desktop or mobile app, especially if you participate in more than one Slack https://slack.com/downloads/

Explore the settings, edit your profile with an icon, see what happens in the #random channel when you type /giphy research

For more on using Slack, see:

Got questions? Ask in our Slack! https://resnetsem.slack.com