3/5/18 3D Printer Askew Axis


Date/Time: 3/5/18 3:30pm

Equipment: Middle top Ultimaker 2+ extended

Collaborators: Jake Lee, Albert Tai

Images album: https://imgur.com/a/DKmT6

Relevant Terms

  • The x-crossbar slides up and down on two y-sliders on the left and right edges of the printer.
  • The y-crossbar slides left and right on two x-sliders on the top and bottom edges of the printer.


  • Printed a rectangular part - container with lid - but the lid did not fit
  • Upon further inspection, noticed that angles were not 90 degrees
  • No sign of warping or shifting during the print
  • Uncommon screeching sound while printing
  • See: Figure 1, 2


x-crossbar was askew, not perpendicular to the y-crossbar. This causes wear and tear on the bearings and belts, and results in askew prints.

See: Figure 3


The right slider moves via a geared belt on two pullies on the top right and bottom right corners. Release these two pullies from their axles by loosening the set-screw on the pullies. The x-crossbar should return to its correct perpendicular state by tension alone. Re-tighten the set screws and confirm that the x-crossbar is now perpendicular to the y-crossbar by visual inspection.


Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3