3/14/18 3D Printer Broken Fan


Date/Time: 3/14/18 2:30~6:00am

Equipment: Bottom right Ultimaker 3 extended

Collaborators: Jake Lee

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Relevant Terms

  • The front fan cools the print cores, the side fans cool the print bed.
  • The "jaw" swings open, and holds the front fan.
  • The AA printcore is meant for PLA.


  • Front fan no longer spinning, temperature not regulated
  • Prints failing due to no extrusion


Wire for front fan was snipped due to a incorrect wire run during the last head rebuild (black and white cable that runs on the left inside of the jaw)


The fan was replaced.

  1. The bowden tubes were disconnected from the head
  2. The cable was disconnected from the head by unscrewing the rear two long screws on top of the head and opening the hatch.
  3. The head was removed from the 3D printer by snapping off the two axles from the sliders
  4. The four screws on top of the side fans were removed to reveal the fan and sensor cable connectors on the rear of the head
  5. The jaw was removed from the head by squeezing the hinge
  6. The screws connecting the metal jaw to the plastic front fan older were removed
  7. The metal cable holder was opened to free the black and white cable
  8. The fan was replaced
  9. The wires was run through the metal wire holder on the side of the metal jaw (re-closed) and run through the same path as the capacitive sensor cable (red and white) to be plugged into the cable connectors.
  10. Follow the steps in reverse from step 6 to replace the head.

The left AA printcore was replaced.

  1. These steps are well-documented by Ultimaker.

A test print (benchy) was successful.