Product Marketing Alliance - House Rules

1) Be generous and patient :blue_heart:

2) If you disagree with someone – that’s good! Let’s have a conversation :thinking_face:

3) This is a great place to hire PMMs (Product Marketing Jobs is free!) :briefcase:

4) Nothing wrong with self-promotion (check out #freshcontent or #events) :mega:

5) Not sure if you should post something? Just ask @richardking :grin: :wave:

6) Don’t spam (including DM spam)

7 ) If you’re representing a vendor, please make it clear when you’re recommending your own solutions

Our aim is to create a community where we can all ask questions, offer insights and share lessons to help us hone our craft as product marketing people. These are subject to modification and debate, but we ask that you respect them so that we can all have a great experience of being a part of this fantastic community.