How to market your small business in the technology sector?

The tech sector is one of the most competitive among all businesses. You might think that throwing money at the problem will solve everything but it actually won't. Many small businesses have spent huge amounts of cash on marketing but the end result was only a loss of cash. To actually market your small business properly, what you need is to actually do it right, and here's how.

Target the right audience

Do you remember the last time you tried to teach your grandma about using an iPhone? How was that experience? Now imagine trying to sell your grandma software or new, innovative tech. Chances are it won't matter how good the tech actually is, they just won't buy it. 

Obviously, from this example, you now know the importance of choosing the right audience for your services. But before assuming the audience simply comes down to demographics, also consider who would be interested in the tech you're offering. For instance, an employed individual with a constant income will have different needs from an entrepreneur with a startup. Therefore, if you intend to sell financial apps, for example, you must consider the different needs of your audience.

Once you do this, only then can you know how you're going to market yourself. The point is, in the technology sector, it doesn't pay to be a jack of all trades but rather carving out a niche for yourself in which your services will be irreplaceable. Huge tech companies can afford to hire large teams of developers and even provide housing, but as a small business, you have to be very specific.

Keep it simple

Technology is never simple, which is why developers spend sleepless nights trying to get the code just right. Customers on the other hand, simply don't care and that is the truth. All they need is something effective and simple to use, so it doesn't help to elaborate on how cutting edge your tech is.

If you ever watch an Apple event, you will notice that they only focus on what the new iPhone can do and not the technology behind it. You have to do the same when marketing your own tech to potential customers. Tell them how your technology can solve their problem without making it too complicated... at first. It is only after you have them on the hook that you can reel them in and show them why you really have something unique. 

Compare yourself to your competitors

The biggest problem facing the tech sector is an oversaturation in the market. University courses in tech and computers, in general, are oversubscribed and graduates are in the tens of thousands each year. This means that there is a lot of competition in the industry which is a problem for your small business and the potential clients as well. Utilizing an SEO service for small business can create a significant boost in every small business’ strategy and should never be overlooked.

What these clients want to know is why one company is better than the other so that they can make a decision, so do just that. It may seem unfair to directly point out the competition's flaws, but that is what it takes to stand out above the competition. Besides, it is this kind of competition that breeds innovation.

How can you do all this?

You have to take all the above measures to make your small business succeed in a competitive market, but it would normally take a lot of changes. Instead, Business Globe Awards (BGA) can help you achieve everything you want and more. BGA provides digital marketing for small and midsized businesses in all sectors including tech. All your company needs is a nomination either from you or one of your customers and BGA will conduct a thorough assessment of your services.

Five panelists from different industries perform the analysis and rank the best companies in their respective sectors. The top performers are then issued small business awards and further awarded free marketing tools that will set them apart from any competition. Business Globe Awards intends on becoming the new standard upon which businesses are ranked, and it would be a great boost to any company that can demonstrate exceptional services.