Belkin Wireless Router N300

Just after unpacking Belkin wireless router, you will see a fashionable style box without any outside antennas or sharp edges. It's well known that Belkin routers are also top quality style as they are top quality hardware.
The hardware setup is fairly simple. You can either do it manually with help from guide-book or just use the setup CD that can help you set up your router. With a web-based user interface users can alter the superior environment configurations for your router from any PC on the local network.
The router itself has a minimalistic outer user interface. There is a LED light that glows green when the Internet works well. Once you've accomplished setup the router will start working correctly. You can configure the last choice using the provided CD or you put manually the Wi-Fi password on your device.
If you are not good at environment setting up, you can usually use provided CD to alternatively put the configuration on each personal computer and to connect automatically them to the network.
A Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button makes it easy to connect and secure PCs and other devices for home wireless routers. Near Belkin Surf has a WPS button is a helpful light that reveals the standing of the WPS in the procedure to set up a secure connection.
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